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OURGLASS is a clothing brand aimed at celebrating the sexy and unique make-up of a woman. Our clothing is geared towards shapely women, from a beautiful size 4 to a sexy size 16. This unique brand aims at supplying women with clothing that fit to perfection. Not only does the company lavish the everyday woman with nice and quality clothing, we pride ourselves in creating a brand aimed at making a woman feel confident in her unique figure.

OURGLASS is unique because of our custom fitting clothing designs. OURGLASS provides custom fit jeans made in the United States with exceptional denim fabric. Each jean style was created to flatter the curves of our OURGLASS consumers. Tired of trying on jeans that don't fit. OURGLASS jeans are the answer to your frustrations!!! Along with our jean syles, we also provide custom bodysuits and tops that truly accentuate your curves. Embrace your curves! Be proud of your Body! That's what we promote here at OURGLASS.    


As a curvaceous woman, founder Shatava Lindsey sought to create a fashion brand where women of all sizes could purchase clothing items and feel confident about their purchase. After growing frustrated over trying to find quality clothing to fit her curvy figure, Shatava sought to create her own unique brand, utilizing quality fabrics that would fit a woman like no other. Finding quality materials became the focus of the company and after time of trial and error, OURGLASS finally came together. Our team of designers crafted the perfect designs for different silhouettes that flatter the curves of all women. Our customized Jeans, bodysuits, dresses and tops are designed to make a woman feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin.

Want to feel confident in your figure, shop OURGLASS!

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